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  • Danielle Hibbs

Cerberus Den Interview

Welcome, roleplayer!

We are happy to have you here. In this week's post, we will be sharing our recent interview with Jordan Fields, the Program Coordinator for Cerberus Den.

Cerberus Den is a gaming shop that recently relocated to a picturesque portion of Fort Thomas, Kentucky (which is within 5 minutes from Cincinnati, Ohio), and had a grand re-opening that we attended. They specialize in Disney's Lorcana and Dungeons and Dragons gaming. They also have a lot of programs for children and adults, both in person and online. So far, this is their current weekly lineup:

When we attended the grand re-opening, we were met with numerous kids and adults-- all together in the shop. It was nice to see a blend of different generations coming together for their love of gaming and supporting a small business. We even got to play a game called Sell a Sword from a small gaming company called Goblin Society Games;

Their products can be found at these locations:

Sell a Sword is a completely new game and the demo is FREE. All you have to do is email them via their webpage and ask for it and they will send you a printable PDF file. It's that simple! I already have my copy downloaded and ready to print.

I was excited to meet Jordan and discuss gaming and the shop with him. He was a terrific interviewee because of his experience, natural story-telling abilities, and general gaming know-how. He is the perfect person to be the Program Coordinator for a shop such as Cerberus Den. Anyone would be lucky to have him as a Dungeon Master in a D&D session. We plan on booking a D&D session later this year where he DMs. So, without further ado, here is my interview with Jordan from Cerberus Den:

I also wish to share the fact that Cerberus Den created a gaming convention called Den Con that they host in Fort Thomas. Den Con 2024 details have yet to be hammered out and released, but one can check for updated information here: or on their Discord server.

You can be invited through the Discord portion on their webpage here:

Thank you for tuning in to my first interview for this blog about Cerberus Den and D&D! See you next time


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