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Yoga to try this, trust us

The impending winter season can mean slowing down and relaxing for some. Others, however, may need a nudge--and perhaps some yoga.

Relaxation and serenity come naturally while practicing yoga, even for short periods of time. It can act as a workout to tone muscles and increase flexibility. But beyond that, yoga also has many more benefits such as increasing athletic performance, metabolism, and overall mood. Even participating in yoga for 5 to 10 minutes at a time is shown to relieve stress and improve attitude.

Kendall Wallace, a local yoga enthusiast, recommends the practice in the morning to boost energy levels because that is when your muscles are usually tight, making it feel slower.

While yoga can become uncomfortable for new participants, if maintained, it can help people feel more flexible, stronger, and more confident. Wallace also recommends starting at your own pace and setting your own time limit to have a more comfortable experience.

“A lot of pro athletes perform yoga to help stretch muscles,” said Wallace. According to Wallace, regular yoga practice can ensure athletes are at peak condition for their respective sports.

Many poses are tough for beginners so knowing what your limits are will help determine your progress. Wallace also recommends a mat for cushion and support for balance. Check out these simple poses to get you started on a path to positivity and proper posture.

  • Cobra pose: A back bend to help wake up back muscles that usually weaken when we sit a lot throughout a day like many people. Do not be discouraged if You cannot match the image. This pose can be straining so start where you feel comfortable with slight stretching.

  • Easy Pose: A simple pose with crossed legs and a straight spine while hands are out. Commonly used in meditation, the easy pose is classic. Anyone can use this pose to help relax or relieve stress anywhere, even without a mat. Managing to sit still for 5 minutes will help you feel ready to take on the day.

  • Corpse pose: It may look like a simple time laying down, you are not supposed to sleep with this pose. The goal of this pose is to learn how to relax and let go of any stress during the pose. It will also teach your body how to relax on other yoga poses you may try. This pose can also be modified for comfort however you see fit.

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